Design Project I(June 1, 2020)

Shreyas Bal,
2nd Year Industrial Design,
National Institute of Design Andhra Pradesh.
Course- Simple Product Design
Guide- Kuntal De

After a gap of 2 months, finally, online sessions of SPD started, and in no time we dived deep!

Assignment 1

We were asked to explore and sketch the extreme ends of our products. Right from the most basic, minimal iteration, to the most complex iteration of the same product.

This is what I came up with -

1)Simple forms

The most common design of a soap dispenser itself, is quite complicated because of the pumping mechanism. Hence, I thought of eliminating the pump altogether! A squeezy bottle, even a normal bottle with a lid were some of the simplest iterations I could think of. Then I thought, why not just use gravity by inverting the dispenser!

2)Complex forms

Over here I could think of all sorts of No- Touch dispensers! Another concept of which I thought of was a Universal Liquid Dispenser, which can also control the amount of liquid dispensed. What I understood over here was that, complexity does not only imply to the form, but also the mechanism. A product can be very simple looking but with very complex mechanism at the same time!

June 2, 2020

Assignment 2

The second assignment was about questioning the context of the selected product and coming up with different purposes for the product to be used in. we had to come up with three to four purposes we imagine our product in, and illustrate the same in three frames each.

These are some of the purposes I imagine the product- soap dispenser in.

What I observed over here, was that the form of the soap dispenser drastically changed with respect to a different purpose!

June 3, 2020

As the various contexts of the product were explored, we moved one step towards drafting the design brief.

Out of all the contexts, I could see potential in one of them.

Product Usage-

The only interaction of humans with the soap dispenser is to push the pump-head to dispense soap.

Apart from containing the soap and dispensing it as and when required, the soap dispenser performs no other function.

People even take the soap for granted! We can hardly see people washing their hands covering all of the essential handwashing techniques. What people do is just take some soap rub it for a few seconds, rinse and their ready to go!

Also, to be honest, the process of washing hands is really boring.

Taking the problem areas into consideration, the following design brief could be thought of-

Design a product which facilitates an interactive and more efficient ‘Hand Washing’ process.

June 4, 2020

This blog contains data which is a precursor to the data in my previous blog.

Following is some important data related to the soap dispenser with context to the current situations prevailing in the world.

In post-COVID world, sanitation and washing hands particularly are bound to be of much more importance and significance.

In this scenario, what if the soap dispenser, itself, ensures a proper hand washing technique, by making the process interesting?

June 5, 2020

After discussing things with Kuntal, my guide for this Design Project, I thought of re-stating the brief in a better way.

Here it goes,

Design a product to assist the user to wash hands, thereby making the process of ‘Hand Washing’ much more efficient.

Experience Designer, NID-AP