Design Project I (July 3, 2020)

Shreyas Bal,
2nd Year Industrial Design,
National Institute of Design Andhra Pradesh.
Course- Simple Product Design
Guide- Kuntal De

June 30, 2020

Value Addition

While designing a product, it is absolutely necessary to consider whether the product is adding some value in terms of cost efficiency, manufacturing, experience, packaging or it is just another product without much value addition.

However the major purpose of my product is going to be assistance in washing hands the right way, here are some pointers indicating the others effects the product will have on the user and the society.

The Right Technique-

  • My product will be designed keeping in mind all of the required hand washing techniques
  • The product intends to cover all the areas of the hand, to provide a better hand wash to everyone!

(It would also provide a much more effective hand wash, in less amount of time, for the ones who are always in a hurry!)

Habit Formation-

  • Habit formation is also one of the important aspects of this product. The product has been intended to develop a habit of washing hands the right way.
  • With the daily use of the product, the user will subconsciously form a habit of doing the right thing. It will get embedded into their muscle memory.
  • Hence, if a situation arises, when this product isn’t available , even then, the user is bound to wash his hands the right way. This is because he/she will get so habituated to the tactile feedback of the product, as well as the technique, that he/she would use all the techniques manually to wash hands the right way!
  • So, in a way, it is a product in order to train the early teens to develop this habit of washing hands the right way, so that they practice it even when they grow old.

Preventive measure-

  • Quality hand washing will prevent various diseases from infecting the user.
  • If this is practiced on a large scale, it might drastically drop down the spread of infectious diseases, and reduce the amounts of deaths as well.


  • The material of my product has been intended to give a enjoyable, destressing and a fun experience of washing hands.

July 1, 2020


Now with the principle of the product finalized, I further did some form iterations of the product.

July 2, 2020

I made a 3D model in order to get a better understanding of how the product will be.

Proceeding further with some minute changes in the form, and the technical drawing of the same.

July 3, 2020


Earlier I had decided upon the user group, 10–15 yrs. After thinking about it for a while, I realized that kids start washing hands on their own from roughly around an age of 5–6. Even they need to be included, irrespective of the fact that they are anyways going to play with anything which they grab in their hands. The reason being, that gradually as they grow up they will start discovering the product and start using it.

Because if we skip this user group and directly target the user group from 10–15 years, they might not even use the product very well. The reason being that, during this age, children start to test their acquired knowledge.

Hence, now I have started thinking that there cannot be a specific user group for this product.

Experience Designer, NID-AP